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In order to reach and maintain your strength goals it's important to have tools that makes that easy and encouraging for you. We have that as our primary focus as GetStronger is built for people who workout - by people who workout. Forget about tedious spreadsheets and join us today and let's get stronger together!

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1 Track your workouts

It should be easy and simple to track your workouts and that's exactly why we are here. Do you follow a workout routine? Great! There's no need to recreate them after each session as they will be stored as a template for you to reuse. It's just a matter of seconds to complete a workout, as it should be. You can create as many workout routines as you like, with any combination of exercises as you like.

2 Reach your goals

Our application will ease the pain of keeping a journal for your goals and will instead make it a enjoyable experience. E.g. whenever you achieve a new personal best you will get a nice looking trophy next to your set. And we are fairly certain that there will be plenty of those for you! It's just as easy to keep track of your weight if you'd like to gain or lose some.

3 Create healthy habits

We have all experienced the resistance of creating a new habit, or breaking a bad one. This is a major concern for us as we aim to make the experience to go and workout as frictionless as possible and with the excitement to go back and look at what you've accomplished. When you got the ball rolling there's nothing that will stop you from living a healthy life!

4 Statistics

No matter your workout routine, at some point you will hit a plateau. In order to recognize that you need to change something it's critical to be able look at the statistics to confirm this. We will help you with this by providing easy to read graphs not only for every set you have completed but also for your body data. E.g. if you gain or lose to much body weight in a short period of time, you can easily see how that affects your performance at the gym.

5 Follow your friends

Follow your friends or a stranger to acknowledge their development and achievements, it's great for getting tips and tricks or just for motivation! Their workouts will be presented to you in your feed where you will have the option to comment them or possibly watch a video of a heavy squat if your friend was brave enough to attach one.

6 Your opinion is important

As a community we want to create the best possible environment for our users, and we encourage you to an open discussion that ultimately will lead to improvements of the site. To get a better overview of our users demands we have created our own subreddit, so head over to reddit.com/r/getstronger and post your question, opinion or proposal; we would appreciate it!